Update on life/writing

Hi all!

I know it’s been a long while since I have updated my stories on Episode, Wattpad and any blog posts on here.

Basically, I am 20 weeks pregnant! My 7-year-old son is so excited to be big brother. We have been focusing on getting our home ready for baby and I have been trying to work as much as possible. In November, we will be on our way to Walt Disney World.

So, life has been busy. But, as always, I have not forgotten about my stories or about my readers (the few of you that are left!). Violet’s journey will conclude in Agent Graduation, hopefully soon, and I will then progressively finish the others, before releasing my newest story.

All my Episode stories, currently in INK, will be finished in INK. I have no plans to re-release them in the new format at this time. Simply, it is a lot of work to do so, once you’ve already written everything once.

My newest story will be released in the newest format possible, when released, whether that is limelight or something new.

Thanks for your continued support and hopefully, I will be able to post and update stories again soon!

~Love, Piper

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