Same old story

On every blog I have ever written, which I think the total is up to probably 10 or 15 at this point, it’s the same story. “Sorry I haven’t written in a while.” So, today I am not apologizing, just stating the where I’ve been response.

My last post was in September and I hoped to had finished Agent Grad WAY before now. But, basically, I got pregnant and was really sick in that time frame. I spent probably half my day hanging out in the bathroom, and the time I wasn’t, I was in front of the fridge. I got so physically sick that I think I have permanently damaged my esophagus. Every time I get “morning” sickness, I vomit blood. Not a pleasant experience.

Now I am a new mom, for the second time, and it has not been easy to say the least. I have had intense heartburn, swelling in my ankles and entire body, am dealing with anomaly that is breastfeeding and am getting very little sleep. On top of all this, my son was extremely jaundiced. (Where the skin turns yellow.) If levels get up too high, which his did, babies have to be readmitted to the hospital to undergo photo therapy under some very bright lights. In the 11 days of his life, 4 of those have been spent in the hospital.

He is on the mend, and so am I, but dealing with all this, plus being the mom of two, trying to get all the housework done and more while recovering from a C Section, is not easy. So, if you’ve been wondering when I was going to finish up my stories, give me a break and some understanding. Thanks!

I plan to get back to writing as much as possible, but it will more than likely be slow. So, thanks for your patience in advance!

~Piper D.

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